Respublika Kids. Kindergarten territory (Kyiv)

Equipment project: Hip Park


The customer gave us the task to build equipment for four different kindergarten sites located on the territory of a modern educational space. We also had to develop a two-sided canopy to visually divide the site into two parts. As a result, the client liked our work so much that he asked to make another canopy and install it over the seats of the amphitheater.

Project implementation

Since it was necessary to equip playgrounds for an educational space that actively uses innovations in teaching, we decided to install all modern playing complexes and attractions that are very popular with children.

Equipment that we created for Respublika Kids:

  • Universal eco equipment from the Tiga series;
  • dynamic equipment from the Ritmo series;
  • custom multifunctional Geo Nets;
  • trampolines for children and teenagers;
  • magic playhouses;
  • double-sided awnings.

As requested by the customer, two double-sided awnings were designed exclusively for this project. At the same time, one of them was in the form of an amphitheater.

Terms: 4 months

Project website

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