Rope park is an unforgettable adventure for everyone

At first glance, it seems that the rope park is designed only for Tarzan’s descendants. That’s not true. Thanks to a well-thought-out design, fastening system and reliable insurance, even the most intimidating visitors can overcome the tests of height and instability. And children just love this attraction.

Immerse yourself in the fantasies of Indiana Jones, jump over, climb, cling, grab, fly.

Rope park is a group of suspended attractions. They usually consist of several types of obstacles that need to be overcome. All elements of the complex can be divided into three groups: the ascent stage, movement at height, and the descent stage.

Rope parks are different

Depending on the purpose and place, there are several types of rope parks

Stationary adventure parks

Huge complexes located in ordinary parks or woodlands. They are usually mounted for the whole season, have many levels of difficulty and various additional extreme entertainment.

Amusement parks

These are small rope parks which are installed in entertainment areas in shopping centers, sports complexes, on beaches or in small squares. They are often installed on artificial support systems.

Individual elements of rope parks

These are separate parts of the rope park structure that have been turned into an independent attraction.

Hip Park rope parks

We make modern rope parks of various types. What you need to know about our attractions:

  • Objects are made of metal and wood. They are durable, safe and environmentally friendly.
  • We can implement a project of any scale: from a compact rope park for children to a large complex with several levels of difficulty.
  • We make parks for different locations. Rope parks can be installed on almost any surface with a hard surface.
  • The project is developed taking into account all the customer’s wishes and for a specific target audience.
  • We are responsible for the reliability of all structural elements and guarantee the safety of the attraction for children and adults.

Rope parks from Hip Park.

Confidence in every step.

We don’t just design and install a rope park. We carefully work out each scenario for passing the route, select the most reliable insurance system, and make a 3D model for a visual understanding of what the finished attraction will look like. Only then do we start implementing the idea.

Do you want a rope park? Please contact us! We know how and what to do.