of Residential Complex «Respublika». Building a playgrounds in the yard (Kiev)

Landscaping project: Archimatika
Equipment project: Hip Park


The residential complex «Respublika» is known of its developed infrastructure. Therefore, it was very important for construction company to supplement the complex with a variety of playgrounds for children of different ages. This was our main task.

Project implementation

Based on the customer’s request, we decided to install equipment for children’s entertainment from all the series that we have. In fact, we made three separate sites on the territory of one residential complex.

Equipment that we have selected for the Resplublika residential complex:

  • equipment for team and single player games from the Tiga series;
  • swings and all sorts of equipment with moving elements from the Ritmo series;
  • non-standard designs for all-round children development from the Geo series.

Every day, parents can bring their children to a new playground. And all this within one residential complex!

Terms: 2 months


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