Gimnasium A+. Children playground for school (Kyiv)

Landscaping project: Archimatika
Equipment project: Hip Park


Gymnasium A+ is a conceptual private school, a recognized member of the international educational community. Therefore, we were asked to create a playground and entertainment platform for children from 8 years old, which would meet the high standards of this educational institution.

Project implementation

Adult children love massive complexes from the Geo series, when you can play sports in a playful way. Therefore, we did not think long about what attractions to install on the school grounds.

Equipment that we created for Gymnasium A+:

  • Geo multifunctional sports and entertainment structures;
  • trampolines for children and teenagers;
  • original rope pyramid.

At the request of the customer, all the equipment was made of environmentally friendly materials and perfectly complemented the modern architectural style of the complex.

Terms: 3 months


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