Fayna Town residential complex. Entertainment complex with rope park (Kyiv)

Landscaping project: Archimatika
Equipment project: Hip Park


The Fayna Town residential complex is known for its thoughtfulness. On the territory of the residential complex, there is absolutely everything for a comfortable life. Developers even took care of the original entertainment. In particular, we were given the task to create a large playing complex in the style of a rope park with suspension bridges. The target audience is children from 6 years old and adults.

Project implementation

Without modesty, we will say that this project has become the hallmark of the Fayna Town Residential Complex. It is known to almost all construction companies, architects and other participants in our industry.

Equipment that we have developed for Fayna Town Residential Complex:

  • a special obstacle line in the form of a rope park;
  • original multifunctional equipment from the Geo series;
  • all kinds of swings;
  • trampolines for children and adults;
  • various slides.

The project was almost entirely developed exclusively for the territory of the residential complex. The game complex includes bridges, turrets, a wooden hill with a tunnel and slides. We really have something to be proud of.

Terms: 8 months


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