«Campus» Residential Complex. Building a courtyard and playground (Kiev)

Equipment project: Hip Park
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The modern residential complex «Campus» is located in the center of Kiev and offers a combination of style, comfort, pragmatism and maximum thoughtfulness. The customer wanted us to set up two areas on the roof of the underground parking lot: a courtyard and a playground for a kindergarten. The main task was to develop a wooden hill and a protective canopy around the exit from the parking lot to the roof.

Project implementation

We understood that for a residential complex located in the center of the capital city, it is especially important that all structural elements fit into a single architectural style and meet high quality standards. At the same time, it was necessary to satisfy the special wishes of the customer. Here is what we did.

Equipment that we installed on the territory of the residential complex «Campus»:

  • Universal equipment of the Tiga series made of natural materials;
  • outdoor equipment from the Ritmo series;
  • unique hill made of wood;
  • original children’s slides;
  • custom tunnels;
  • large canopy for protection from precipitation and bright sun.

The hill and shadow canopy were developed directly for this project.

Terms: 5 months


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