Fayna Town residential complex. Playing area for small children (Kyiv)

Landscaping project: Archimatika
Equipment project: Hip Park


The capital’s Fayna Town residential complex is distinguished by its integrity and the presence of a fairly well-thought-out, closed infrastructure. The customer asked to make a special playing area for children aged 2 to 6 years as an extension of the playground. At the same time, it had to include a sandbox built into the hill, and perfectly complement local architectural solutions.

Project implementation

The implementation of this project was complicated due to one nuance — the playground was elongated and rather narrow. Therefore, we had to solve an important problem with the ergonomics. In general, we have developed several concepts of sandboxes with built-in playing equipment. One of them was approved.

Equipment that we selected for the Fayna Town Residential Complex:

  • universal equipment from the Tiga series;
  • swings and other solutions from the Ritmo series;
  • small soccer goal;
  • a sandbox with a hill.

The sandbox deserves special attention. It is separated into three areas:

  1. Indoor playpen with stainless steel tables for children aged 1-2 years.
  2. Open sandbox.
  3. Hill with tunnel and wide stainless steel slide.

You can’t find such an exclusive equipment anywhere else.

Terms: 5 months


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