Rope parks

Rope park or rope course is a great entertainment for those who want to feel himself a real climber, alpinist, speleologist, or simply spend time with lot of fun. Also, it is a healthy and skills improvable attraction.

Rope park is a logically related set of challenges of varying difficulty, located at a certain height above the ground. There is a wooden platform on every tree or artificial pole of a rope park where participants can take breath before overcoming the next challenge. Every next game differs from previous one that’s why you have to show much strength, resoluteness, ability to balance and other.

Depending on the set of challenges and rope course project it can be used as: family attraction, extreme attraction, sports object, recreational outdoor center – HiPark team will advice the best project for your business.

Rope park participants

Major rope park clients are children, their parents, lovers of active leisure, tourists, employees of companies (team building), etc. Challenges could be passed alone and in team.

Exactly because of the wide range of potential clients rope park is very interesting, fast growing and profitable business.

Rope park employees

Fore operating a standard rope course with 25 obstacles 1 instructor and 1 administrator can be enough. It is a minimum and number of employees depends on different parameters:

  • type of safety system
  • games quantity
  • games type
  • park attendance

Rope park placement

Rope parks divide on two main categories:

  • rope parks on trees
  • rope parks on poles

Rope parks on trees are natural and more attractive for clients. But good there are not always good trees for rope park building. If you don’t have appropriate trees the best variant is to build a rope park on poles.

Poles based rope parks has their advantages too:

  • no binding to trees
  • greater range of challenges
  • possibility to make whatever you imagine

The most popular places for rope parks are forests, city parks, touristic places, hotels, malls, etc.

If you want to build a rope park “turnkey” contact HiPark! Our team will help you:

  • choose a place for rope park
  • create a project
  • consult
  • create a 3D model of a rope park
  • help to choose appropriate safety system

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