Zipline is a high-speed method of descent on a roller using a tensioned inclined cable This way of crossing the canyons, rivers, glaciers and other obstacles is used by speleologists and tourists. For the zipline, a special protection and a block roller is used, by means of which a high-speed slip along the tensioned metal cable occurs.

For commercial purposes, zipline is used in the and entertainment business, can be installed in sport and entertainment centers.

Short zipline can be installed in the backyard of the house, on the playground, in the entertainment center. Small ziplines are often included in the rope park scope.

However, it is quite another matter when zipline, tensioned over chasm, reach several hundred meters, and the speed of descent reaches 50 km/h. Such a crossing requires detailed engineering calculation and special equipment: specialized rope, rollers, braking system, etc.

Location of the zipline


To date, ziplines operate at many ski resorts, amusement parks, on the best viewing platforms. It is the location of the trolley that largely determines the commercial success of the attraction.

It is worth highlighting the main factors of a good zipline:

• location
• length of descent
• height above ground
• visibility during descent

Combination of at least two factors significantly increases the popularity and attractiveness of the zipline.

zipline operates in many cities of the world and Ukraine: Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa, Kharkov, Lvov, etc. Building of zipline – a responsible process that requires certain skills and experience. Therefore, we strongly recommend you contact professionals!

If you buy, order a design, calculate the price or install a zip line, contact HIP Park!

Zip lines

Visitors of a zipline


zipline can be used by visitors of all ages, not requiring special skills and good physical condition. A child and an adult can descend on the zipline, and the possibility of a tandem descent leaves an unforgettable impression of visiting an attraction.

Zipline personnel


Depending on the configuration and size, the zipline can be maintained by 2 people and more. After installation HIP Park staff will provide detailed advice on the operation of the zipline and conduct induction training for the staff.