Rope Park, Odessa



Rope park attraction on artificial supports of the Arco series.

It is made for a private customer and installed in Odesa, in the park named after Shevchenko in 2017.

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During the park designing, the main task was to carefully and harmoniously locate the rope park among the natural trees in the park area.

Thanks to a special approach, it was possible to create a separate recreation area. Around the rope park there are paths, fencing and landscaping. There is specially installed additional lighting, so the park can operate even in the evening, as the park is located in the resort city and by the evening its attendance is only increasing. Thanks to such measures, the rope park is seamlessly integrated into the park area, and in the evening it looks especially impressive.

The rope park has a continuous safety system that ensures maximum safety of its passing. It consists of two levels of different complexity.

In addition, near the park there is an adventure tower with climbing wall, obstacle course and trolley, which children like very much. The rope park on the artificial supports of the Arco series is one of the most favorite places for recreation of residents and visitors of the city.