A fascinating rope park on the trees and the longest zip line in Finland.



It is made to order for Skononsafarit Company taking into account the peculiarities of the surrounding landscape. The park is located in a forest zone with a lot of trees. It is installed in Jamimaat district, Finland in 2017.

The rope park consists of 5 routes and 65 fascinating tasks.

Each route has its own theme and differs in complexity from other rope park routes. A huge variety of possible options for passing makes this park especially popular among visitors, as every time you can overcome a new obstacle. Rope tasks are very diverse, and for their achievement you will require concentration of such qualities as dexterity, strength, attentiveness and others.


In addition, there is the longest zip line in Finland – 420 m in the territory of the rope park. The zip line has 2 downhill lines and 1 line for return of the equipment. Zip line is one of the most popular amusements among park visitors.

The rope park uses the safety system by German company Edelrid – one of the leading manufacturers of safety outfit, preventing falling from elevations.