Rope Park Ellivuori, Finland



A fascinating rope park, installed in 2016 in one of the most picturesque places of Ellivuori district, Finland.
Adventure park includes the rope park on the trees, the playground of Teras series and zip line over the lake. It is made to order for Ellivuori Hotel.

The rope park consists of 4 routes and 56 tasks of various complexity. Part of the tasks is located on trees, some of them – on artificial supports. The use of artificial supports in the absence of the necessary number of trees allowed to maximize the implementation of the customer’s ideas and preserve the aesthetic, natural appearance of the rope park.

In addition, there is a modification of the playground of Teras series from HIP Park in the territory of the hotel.

The children’s playground includes elements of a rope park: suspension bridges, crossings, mesh tunnels and traps, rope and wire labyrinths, etc. The children’s playground Teras allows to achieve the tasks of the rope park even by the smallest visitors of the park without using safety equipment.

Hotel Ellivuori is located in a picturesque location on the lake, so it has been decided to place 150 meter zip line directly above the lake bay. Such a solution harmoniously blends into the surrounding landscape, so that the visitors of the amusement park can not only enjoy the climbing rope obstacles, but also revel in the surrounding landscape.

The rope park uses the safety system by German company Edelrid – one of the leading manufacturers of safety outfit, preventing falling from elevations.