Rope park of Arco series, Berdiansk



Thematic and very atmospheric attraction – the rope park on artificial supports of the Arco series.
It is made for a private customer and installed in Berdiansk in 2017.

The rope park is installed in a picturesque place on the coast of the Azov Sea resort town. The park is completely located on artificial supports that has created the need to provide maximum protection of all wooden and metal items in an aggressive environment. From the negative impact of salty air, ultraviolet rays and wind, all the elements of the park’s design are protected by special means of professional protection that ensures the durability of the rope park operation. Park successfully works even in the hottest days due to sun protection equipment installed on the park supports.

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The rope park consists of two levels of different complexity: the bottom one is suitable for very young visitors, the upper one – for older children and adults.

Safety of levels passing is ensured through continuous safety outfit from the very start to finish. Continuous safety outfit in these parks is not only safe, but also very convenient, as nothing distracts the visitor from overcoming the rope obstacles.

In addition, the park has a system for registering the number of visitors, which makes it possible to monitor the intensity of use of the park online.