Suspended playground on the trees, Dnipro



It is designed and made to order for a children’s summer camp.
Children’s playground was installed in Dnipro city, in 2017 in the forest area.

The children’s playground is divided into three play areas.

The first area includes suspended obstacles between the trees, for overcoming of which the concentration of such qualities as dexterity, strength, attention, logical thinking is required. The second area is the children’s playgrounds on trees that are located on a small, but safe height. Such playgrounds are very popular among children, as they are much more interesting to play on than on ordinary playgrounds that are located at ground level. The third area includes a safe zip line for getting down – the most favourite and sought-after attraction among children.

The children’s playground is installed in a pine forest on the bank of the river Dnipro and harmoniously fits into the surrounding landscape that creates excellent conditions for recreation of children.