Labyrinth, Kharkiv



A bright and unusual children’s play labyrinth, designed according to the individual design for the company Chudo Park.
The attraction is installed in the SEC Dafi, Kharkiv, in 2016.

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The children’s labyrinth is factory-styled.

A special atmosphere is created by decorative elements in the form of nuts, gears, conveyor belts and other attributes of real factory. Some imagination and small visitors can easily feel themselves inside a huge mechanism. Bright and colorful design will not leave indifferent any child, and a lot of various obstacles will interest children of different age.

The labyrinth consists of two levels, each of which is unique in its own way. At the first level there are obstacle course, children’s trolley, several slides and entrance to the tower. The second floor of the attraction consists of several sections: dry pool, labyrinth, rope trap, suspension bridges, suspension bridges, grid labyrinth, passage to the tower. Such a set of rope and other obstacles allows us to develop in children not only such physical qualities as dexterity, endurance, coordination, but also their logical thinking.