Unusual and bright children’s playground for Kadorr kids. Designed and custom-made for the construction company Kadorr.



The children’s playground is installed in the KadorrMall shopping mall, Odessa in 2016 and has been functioning successfully to this day.

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The playground is divided into three gaming zones.

Suspended suspension bridges, obstacle course and children’s climbing wall. The supports for the playground are styled under the trunk of natural trees, which creates a harmonious and cozy recreation area for children. On request of the client for the elements of the site used natural wood, treated with environmentally safe impregnation. Next, the wood went through the natural drying in the room, which gave it the most natural look, which creates the atmosphere of a natural park. The site is very popular with children, so competitions and animation programs are often held on the site. The bridges with lattice insurance are equipped in such a way that even the smallest visitors to the park Kadorr kids can easily overcome hurdles and get great pleasure.

Children’s rock climbing is low and safe, installed at an altitude of up to 3 m. Bright comfortable hoops are very fun for children. As a defense against injuries in the fall, soft moths and pillows are used to which children can jump without fear of getting damaged. The same area with pillows can be used as a recreation area.