What is Ninja Park and why is this attraction gaining popularity all over the world? Ninja Park is a completely new and unusual format among the huge variety of familiar rope parks and playgrounds.

It’s perfect for active recreation not only for children, but also adults without age restrictions, because for the passage of the ninja park, only the level of physical preparation of visitors matters.

This kind of attraction is rather well known abroad, and more recently, it began to gain popularity in our country.

Ninja Park is a modular metal structure with a set of elements of varying complexity. The design of the Ninja Park can have any shape or length, and it is also equipped with a special fastening system that allows creating a certain set of obstacles depending on the parameters of the room, the target audience and the tasks assigned. There are usually used suspension, tension and floor obstacles such as: grids, crossbeams, rings, various handholds, ropes, platforms and much more. On the perimeter of the ninja park has a high podium, to protect during falls on the floor using softening mats or foam pits, and all solid elements are tightened with covers or special protective mats.

Location features


The versatility of the design makes it possible to use the Ninja Park as a sports simulator, equipment for a fitness center, an attraction, a children’s playground, equipment for a gym and for other purposes. The park can be installed on any flat surface, both indoors and outdoors. We recommend that the Ninja Park will be installed as an additional attraction to the already existing complexes for a wider audience.

The most suitable places for the installation of Ninja Park are:

• children’s amusement park
• entertaining family center
• trampoline arena
• sports complex
• gym
• shopping and recreation center

Ninja park

This feature is due to the fact that often to cross the obstacles of the park it is necessary to show physical strength, agility and coordination. That is why the ninja park does not fit as an attraction for small children and those who come to the hall just to relax. But at the same time, the Ninja Park has an excellent marketing effect: an interesting, “uninhabited”, exciting attraction for people of different ages and physical training will definitely attract new visitors to your gaming complex and create additional demand.

HIP Park Company offers safe and high quality Ninja Parks, where all structures and equipment are certified, and are equipped with professional sports elements. Each project is developed individually for each client, so the Ninja Park will be an excellent solution for your business.