Mobile rope park is good solution if there are no good trees, lack of space or attraction need to be movable.

Mobile rope park is easy to install, quick-building, simple in transportation and operation attraction. Such park can be as compact and easily transported by a small truck, as bigger, with 2 levels and more challenges.

Rope park placement


Thanks to a specially designed construction mobile rope park can be installed on any flat area with hard surface. It can be installed almost everywhere – in hotels, parks, camps, sports centers, children playgrounds etc.

The main advantages of mobile rope park are:

  • compact size
  • easy in transportation
  • easy to install

Rope park can be used for team building, birthday parties, outdoor education, training other catering events.

Such attractions are already functioning in many large cities of Ukraine: Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa, Kharkov, etc.

The most popular rope parks are located in places of family recreation, city parks, amusement parks, squares, shopping centers, country complexes, hotels or on tourist routes.

Mobile ropes course

Visitors to the rope park


You can go along the routes of the park either as a group or alone. The main visitors are families with children, school groups and students. Also in the parks conduct business group trainings.

It is thanks to a wide range of potential customers that the rope park is an interesting and profitable business with great potential for growth.

Rope park employees


Small mobile rope park with 8 challenges can be operated by 1 instructor.

2 people and 2 – 4 hours is enough to install it.

Designing and installing a mobile rope park is a responsible process that requires certain skills and experience.

Therefore, we strongly recommend contacting professionals!

If you want to buy, find out the price or order a miscalculation on a rope park – contact Hai Park!

  • Our team will help you:
  • pick up a rope park model
  • select assignments
  • will provide consulting services
  • will make a 3D model
  • will help to choose a system of insurance for the rope park

Buy a rope park on the pillars


Buy a rope park on supports is much easier than it seems. Unlike rope parks on trees where there is a tight binding to the area, there is no need to find enough green plantations for parks on the piers. The rope park on the piers is a mobile and exciting attraction that can be used for a children’s holiday, trainings, teambuilding, birthdays and various outings. If necessary, the attraction can be dismantled and moved to another place, or to order to collect in a few days. Such attractions are already operating in many large cities of Ukraine: Kiev, Dnipro, Odessa, Kharkiv, Lviv and others.

The price of a rope park on artificial supports depends on the length, size, number of obstacles and other factors that you will get acquainted with in the company HIP Park. If you want to buy a rope park on supports, our experts will surely offer you:

  • to pick a model of a rope park from a catalog
  • choose the appropriate obstacles
  • to develop a thematic design
  • develop a 3D model if necessary
  • selection of the insurance system and equipment for a rope park
  • consulting services

If you want to buy a rope park on the pillars, remember that designing and installing a mobile rope park is a responsible process that requires certain skills and experience. The choice of the right contractor depends on the security of your customers. That is why we strongly recommend contacting HIP Park professionals.