Stages of creating a comprehensive solution


One of the main specializations of HIP Park is the development, production and implementation of complex solutions for entertainment centers.

Creation of each complex solution contains a set of certain stages, without which it is impossible to implement a quality product:

• concept development
• development of a thematic design
• delivery and installation of equipment
• consulting and staff training
• warranty and post-warranty service
• technical documentation

Key aspects of playgrounds


The complex solution for the entertainment zone means creation of a full range of sports and entertainment attractions that can include: rope parks, labyrinths, trampoline zones, playgrounds, swings, climbing walls, special recreation areas for parents and much more. Each complex solution includes the development of a unique project for each client, which consists of a careful analysis of the complex location, selection of the target audience, selection of topics and other necessary steps that will make the entertainment complex a cost-effective solution for your business. The entertainment complex can be located both indoors and outdoors.

Special attention is paid to the topics of the entertainment center, because the attractiveness and success of the project depend on the appearance. Unusual and memorable design is one of the key moments in the development of entertainment projects of HIP Park, as the company’s specialists are trying to create a unique design for each individual project.

Depending on the chosen concept of the entertainment center, our experts will help you choose the optimal set of high-quality play equipment for the entertainment zone. Qualified engineers at HIP Park are able to install entertainment and sports equipment of any complexity in the shortest possible time in accordance with all safety requirements.

If there is a need, HIP Park specialists are able to train technical specialists of complex solutions and train the personnel to work with entertainment and sports equipment.

Guarantee and maintenance of a comprehensive solution


HIP Park Company provides a warranty on all types of equipment and works, as well as offers post-warranty service in troubleshooting after the warranty period. It is also possible to arrange regular maintenance of the equipment and its current repair, if necessary.

For all equipment, HIP Park Company provides technical documentation and relevant quality certificates. All elements of the integrated solution are made only from high-quality materials, and the equipment complies with European standards.

Having issued an order for a comprehensive solution at HIP Park, you are guaranteed to receive a high-quality, profitable product that will create unique opportunities for family active recreation, increase the average time of visitors staying in the center, and increase the loyalty of visitors to your company.