Adventure Tower is a sports and entertainment facility in the form of a tower, a multifunctional family attraction. The tower can reach 16 meters in height and accommodate a large number of attractions. Depending on the equipment, it can be equipped with the following attractions:

  • troll
  • free fall
  • leap into the abyss
  • gigantic swings
  • vertical barriers
  • Rock climbing
  • typing descent

Adventure Tower locations


Multifunctional sports attraction The adventure tower will fit perfectly into any amusement park, country complex, sports and recreation children’s camp, park city zone and other places of active recreation and recreation zones.

In Ukraine, the attraction tower “Adventure Tower” today operates in Dnipropetrovsk.

Designing and installing Tower Adventures is a responsible process that requires certain skills and experience.

Therefore, we strongly encourage you to contact the professionals!

Want to find out the price and order a Turret Adventure – Contact HIP Park!

Our team will help you:

  • Pick the right place for the Adventure Tower
  • Select an amusement park
  • Compose a project
  • Provide consulting services
  • Develop a 3D model

Tower of adventure staff


The number of instructors directly depends on the tower’s complexity and intensity of operation. The minimum number of employees is 3 people. To work on the attraction you need to take an introductory briefing and get familiar with the rules of safety. HIP Park Company will present a complete package of documents, including instructions and guidance on the operation of the attraction.

Visitors to the adventure tower


The multi-functional attraction “The Adventure Tower” is designed for visitors of all ages, with different physical fitness and interests.

Children from 4 years old are allowed at the attraction. At the same time, parents and even grandparents with grandparents will find for themselves classes on the adventure tower!

Staff of the rope park


Невеликий мобільний мотузковий парк на 8 завдань може обслуговувати 1 інструктор.

Зібрати такий пересувний мотузковий парк зможуть 2 людини за 2 – 4 години.

Designing and installing a mobile rope park is a responsible process requiring certain skills and experience. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to contact the professionals!

If you want to buy, find out the price or order a mistake on the rope park – contact HIP Park!

Our team will help you:

  • pick a rope model
  • select a task
  • Provide consulting services
  • Make a 3D model
  • Help pick up a rope park insurance system