Outdoor activities are fun, but first of all they have to be safe. In HiPark we analyze the best world experience to make our objects safe. Costumer safety is extremely important for us!

We always make preliminary calculation of all loads for individually designed objects. Also we use the next main safety systems.

Net belay

Commonly used for children routs in rope parks on low level. Makes it impossible to fall on the ground. The main advantages are: doesn’t require personal protective equipment (PPE), makes it easier to move on the route.

Continuous belay

Continuous belay minimizes the influence on the belaying process from the participants. The belay system is begins at the start of each rout and finishes in the end. So instructors have to control just participant’s first step.
There are several producers of continuous belay. We can recommend the best individually for your object.

Smart belay

Smart belay is the most closest system to classic and it fully involves participant in belaying process. It is the system with two carabiners. Only when one is safely closed the second can be opened. This prevents the situation when participant is not on the safety line.

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