A captivating, open-air rope open-air maze developed by the individual design for Carlson Park. The attraction is set in the Sky Mall shopping center, Kiev in 2017.

The child labyrinth is a metal structure, divided into three sections: a three-level labyrinth, a net tunnel, a band of obstacles ninja park. Each section is unique in its own way, and contains a certain set of rope obstacles that will be lovely passed by small visitors.

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In the first section, fences with laces, rope labyrinths, roller coasters and skeletons are installed. From the first section there are 2 outputs. One leads to a rope tunnel, pass through which is a real challenge and a test of your strength and agility. The second output leads to a barrier of obstacles. Here, visitors can feel like a real ninja, overcoming the clutches, balancing on hanging platforms, bridges and other obstacles. Visitors can choose their own obstacles to the next.

Interesting and diverse tasks, an unusual and eye-catching design of the labyrinth will not only ignore the children, but their parents. Hundreds of visitors to the shopping and entertainment center were able to appreciate the children’s game maze from HIP Park.