Ninja park

Do you want to feel yourself a real ninja warrior? Do you want to test your endurance, strength, dexterity and agility? Than Ninja Park is exactly what you need. It gives you really fun & gym experience!

Ninja Park is a modular construction with a set of varying complexity obstacles. Depending on the selected items Ninja Park can be used as sports device, exercise machine, attraction, sports equipment, equipment for fitness center and even children playground. So, it can be interesting both for children and adult & used for fun and training.

The basis of the park is a metal steelwork. Various embodiments of shapes and configurations, depending on the parameter space, a target audience and others. So, you can choose different variants of configuration and plan your own design!

Also, your choice may provide different types of protection against falls from a height:

softening mats
foam pit
soft floor

It doesn’t need special grounds and can be located almost everywhere indoor and outdoor.

Ninja playground is new and unique business!

The best places to install Ninja Park:

children’s amusement park
family entertainment center
trampoline arena
sports center
shopping mall

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